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San Francisco, CA

Anyone on the market for a very clean unmolested 2005 Subaru Forester XT? It has 92k miles and I just had the timing belt, water pump serviced by Mann Engineering along with stock struts and swift springs installed about 3k miles ago (have receipt - total cost was $4k!). A couple things to note:
1. It is a 4EAT....but there is a catch - I have a 2005 5 speed Forester XT transmission and rear diff (and drive shaft) - I bought Lances (aka killerfoz on instagram) 5 speed tranny after he upgraded his to a 6 speed and also have the bulk wiring harness from a 5MT 2005 Forester XT which is like $1500 from Subaru - this makes the swap much easier as there will be no splicing required. Also comes with extras - tranny cradle, group n tranny mount, short shifter, manual 5 speed cluster, etc. The only thing I dont have is the manual pedal assembly but these are fairly easy to find.
2. Also comes with a bunch of JDM goodies. JDM cross sports front cut with lower lip and HID lights. Jdm rear bumper and lower lip. Jdm cross sports side skirts (hard to find!!!). Also have the JDM console, hvac controls and even cooler pod. Oh and the Foz STI door sills. Also comes with STI steering wheel and air bag.
3. Car is super clean - spent most of its life in Midwest so no rust (I bought it from dealer in Arizona). All stock - except I replaced the ****** stock radiator with a Koyorad.
Why am I selling? I have two foresters - this was my first that I planned to swap (it was hard finding one at the time - I wanted 5 speed but winter was approaching and I needed one for the snow!). But about 10 months after, I ended up having an opportunity to buy a fully built 2006 Forester with 6 speed STI transmission for an incredible price and I pounced. Now...I have this car with all the parts - and honestly Im not motivated as much to proceed. I know this isnt for everyone but for those of you mechanically inclined - this would be about a week or less of work I'm guessing? It took me 2 years to find the parts alone - especially the bulk wiring harness which is year specific!
Im not sure what to ask for on price as this has to be one of the weirdest "for sale" posts ever, but Im open to offers. I realize there is labor involved which is not inexpesive - however, I'm guessing the right buyer of this is someone who is mechanically inclined. If I dont get any acceptable offers - Ill just keep it and build it out when I have time - I'm not in a rush to sell. Its a super clean car with pretty low mileage (92k) and has had the major services already completed by a reputable shop (Mann engineering) with brand new struts and shocks in addition to all the jdm stuff.
Ive tried to post pics showing all the parts I have but there are so many! Ill add all the pics I can dig up.
I am not looking to sell any parts individually. I honestly dont have the time to part out.
Hit me up with a pm if you have any questions.
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