CAN integration of the Hush-O-Matic active exhaust

about 1 year ago
Available on
Flyin' Miata

Our unique active exhaust for the ND is already picking up perfect five-star reviews on our website. The way it adjusts backpressure and volume depending on your throttle demands is like magic.
But sometimes you want a bit more control. Our new CAN control pack allows you to control the behavior of the exhaust without having to modify your interior or use remote controls. It integrates into the car's network and lets you use the wiper control to adjust the exhaust. Of course, you can still use the control to adjust the wipers - and when the wipers are on, the exhaust setting does not change.
Installation is easy and it can be retrofitted to any Hush-O-Matic exhaust. There are no visible signs of the modification in the car's interior.