Finally bought a car

over 2 years ago
Finally bought a car
Rick Brooklyn
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SF Bay Area

And then it happened: After a year and a half looking for an SC, only an SC, nothing but an SC so help me God, I finally bought... a middie. Took me a while but I finally realized that contrary to the popular saying, what I really wanted was the oldest 911 I could afford.
On the occasion of this solemn announcement I'd like to thank all the good people on this forum who patiently helped me and provided me with their expert opinions on the few dozen cars I kicked the tires on before I settled on this one: Matt Monson, Macroni, GothingNC, NYNick, Pmax and a few more - you know who you are.
But above all, the toppest of all top men Javadog, who almost literally held my hand all the way while I looked into this car and another one that unfortunately didn't happen.
So here we go: 74 Targa in Gemini Blue. Bought it quasi-sight unseen: sent it for a PPI but didn't get to see it with my own eyes or drive it. Turned out ok - it's highly imperfect, much more so than I thought it would be, and it should be no surprise I paid too much (it's a dealer flip of a dealer flip after all), but it's got great potential, and still should make for an ok driver in the immediate future.
I bought it two months ago but only picked it up on Thursday, and I already put 225 miles on it. What a wonderful sassy little car! I love it! So refreshing to get to drive a simple basic car with zero electronics, power nothing, and a zesty little engine that revs freely. I'd commute in it if insurance allowed (and if I didn't have to worry about the rain).
I'm gonna drive the piss out of it over the summer, make a list of all things I want addressed, then when the first snow comes I'll leave it in the capable hands of Jim at Auto Associates and by next spring it'll be a cream puff.
Sorry for the picture which isn't great