911 CIS to Megasquirt Conversion kit

about 1 year ago
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Austin, TX

For Sale:
Conversion kit to replace your 911 CIS with Megasquirt 2 EFI.
$1300 including shipping.
I will entertain reasonable offers, and accept them in the order of PMs received rather than thread responses.
I collected these parts with the intention of replacing the CIS on my 3.0 911 motor when the CIS system started to become problematic.
Since that never happened, and the car is now sold, it is time to let go of my package of goodies.
I hesitate to say this is complete because I am sure there are some bits you would need to purchase to complete the installation, but this should be all the big stuff, and most of the small stuff too.
Here is a list of what I have, followed by pictures of all of it:
CIS Intake Runners:
These are the small runners found typically on a US Spec 3.0.
CIS Airbox:
This is the cut down airbox that went with the runners.
The grey pipe is a pop off valve, though it is a different design than what we usually see, it appears to function just fine.
This box has been cut down to minimum size possible and does not appear to be cracked or damaged.
CIS Throttle Body:
This is also the one that came with the above runners and airbox.
The throttle butterfly moves freely and it appears intact.
In the pictures you will see it all disassembled.
The hardware is included to the extent I have available.
K&N Air filter:
this fits directly on the Throttle body.
New, never used.
Fuel pressure regulator- this is new never used
Open Element IAT sensor- GM new part, includes uncrimped connector and pins.
From DIY Autotune.
Closed Element CLT or IAT sensor- new part, includes uncrimped connector and pins. From DIY Autotune.
Used Ford fuel injectors- may want to send these out to be cleaned and flow checked.
Includes 2 spares.
Megasquirt 2 control box-
This was purchased used, and appears to work fine based on testing with the STIM and using the MS computer GUI.
Megasquirt STIM board- this is new, only used to test the MS2 box above.
Complete as purchased.
Megasquirt Wiring Harness, 12- this is new never used.
USB to serial adapter to connect MS2 box to your PC.
This is the adapter that is endorsed / recommended to work with MS and was tested and functional.
Bosh EV1 style fuel injector connectors, 6pcs:
These are new connectors to add to the MS wiring harness once you have the lengths figured out.
They include pins to crimp so you do not have splices in your new wiring.
Fuel Rails with fuel rail mounting hardware- these came new from BITZ racing.
EFI injector bungs to install in runners- new from BITZ racing
Set of used gaskets for the intake runners to the heads, and a set of used runners to airbox fittings with clamps.