Huge Assortment of 931 Engine Parts

9 months ago
Britain Smith
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Hillsboro, OR

I am in the process of swapping a 5 cylinder engine in our track car and need to clear out the assortment of 931 engine parts that I have accumulated.
There is a mix of stock, modified, and custom parts that we used on the car, please don't hesitate to ask for details if you have questions.
All parts are located in 97113 and prices shown do not including shipping unless noted.
Everything is best offer.
Payment via paypal preferred.
Core 931 Head.
Brand New Cometic Head Gasket (0.050"): $75 shipped
Brand New Value Cover Gaskets: $10 each
S2 Intake Manifold modified to fit Subaru Throttle Body: $250
- This was done to incorporate modern throttle position sensor for EFI set-up.
Throttle Body and Intake Air Temp sensor included.
Worked great.
Used Oil Pumps, good condition: $100 each