let's make a deal!

about 2 years ago
let's make a deal!
car 311
Available on
Mumbai West, Silicon Valley Ca

out of aircooled for the time being and went thru many a take off bin today inventorying & photographing these treasure for sale.
bulk purchases encouraged and will be rewarded!! will not ship anything(s) for less than $40 so consider multi item offers.
if I suggest an offer for something please demonstrate the deal is good for us both...
all items worked when removed from a low mileage early SC.
garage queen with less than 70k miles when removed.
anything less than a working piece will be taken back gladly.
all prices included COUS ground shipping.
here we go!
*door goodies-
Apbiz RSA door handles w/ plastic trim pieces.
*interior rolling loch bases, handles with fasteners & covers. $40
*window switches x3.
$20 each
*early SC sunroof switch. $30
*interior passenger side flag mirror adjustment toggle. $30
*Approx. 4'x4' nylon mesh silk screened PCA banner. $150
*Weber/PMO Rainhats. $100
*early SC windshield defrost trim inserts. $40
*vertical dash face "roll-on" vent trim pieces. all louvers in place and complete. $40
*complete trunk light set up. fixture, harness, switch, seal & like new lense. $40
*OE fuel cap. still clicks, rubber is 38 years old..
*trunk carpet snap mounts. $10
*dash face interval wiper roll adjuster. $40
*fuse block. part number upon interest.
make offer
*tunnel area defrost lighting fixture. housing, cover, and I think the bulb.
*passenger side vertical dash trim piece.
this covers the vent outlet the "roll on" diverters noted above. $30
will post further items shortly.
thanks for looking, and as noted bulk purschases will be rewarded!!!