like new 70's shag

almost 3 years ago
like new 70's shag
car 311
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Mumbai West, Silicon Valley Ca

I have a complete early OE SC carpet set in black for sale.
it includes the front footwell pockets, tunnel cover, all but the mats, complete.
all piping is in a solid 10/10, no fading what so ever, no distressed carpet nap, drivers side footwell ribbing rubber all present at this time.
carefully removed and stored for 6+ years.
OE, still smells like a german, no rubber degradation on underside of footwell pieces.
shown pictures do not do the set justice.
will reshoot pieces for interested buyers pieces as requested.
all original circa sept 1977 for the 78 model year.
no cheap copy here, satisfaction guaranteed!
more pictures upon request, drive those concourse scrutinizers wild with this shag!
$500 ground shipped in the CONUS.