NE: 2004 Subaru WRX STI JBP

7 months ago
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I have a 2004 Subaru STI with 161xxx miles. Unfortunately the motor started to consume oil, about 2 qts every 500 miles. So I pulled the turbo and sent it out to get inspected and came back without any issues. Fearing that the short block was bad, I put it into storage in March 2017 with the intentions of rebuilding it this summer.
-Black Java Paint is in good shape.
-has a rust near Passenger rear door, have a patch panel
-Car was backed into at a parking lot, have new (WRB paint color) Fender to replace the dented driver side
- Car would need PDR and a good detail for a show quality finish
- Includes a new set of headlights to replace the sun faded one.
-original owner sold the STI seats and replaced them with the black WRX seats
- has a Kenwood double din head unit
- Will not come with the turbo, Intercooler or downpipe
- Includes Crawford Gymkhana exhaust
- Includes a Cobb Accessport V3
- Has both stock up pipe and also a 38mm EWG up pipe
Asking $6200.00
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