OEM Nardi Leather Shift Knob - 95M, 93LE, STO - MINT, perfect stitching, intact grid!

11 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

My ongoing Nardi hunt has finally unearthed something even more rare than a 5-speed Teardrop - an NA Nardi leather knob in mint condition.
This is easily the most difficult OEM Miata shift knob to track down because they've all gotten shredded over time. After 20 years of use, the stitching wears out, the leather cracks and shrinks, and the shift grid disappears.
Once they go, there's no good way to recover them - the leather is never quite as smooth and the stitching looks bulky, can't be stitched nearly as tight as the original.
Actually I've got two for sale, providing a nice side-by-side comparison.
1) A mint Nardi still with the original Mazda parts bag.
2) A repaired Nardi that began to separate on the passenger side. Once they separate they can't be restitched, so I had a local shoe shop permanently glue the leather to the core and add a little bit of filler in the gap.
The repaired knob looks great from the driver's seat, as you can see from the shot of it in my BRG - the repairs are on the other side.
But there's nothing like one still in original condition. In my two-plus years of hunting Nardis as a hobby, I've never seen one come up for sale with an intact shift grid and perfect stitching.
For full disclosure, I've included a closeup of the grid itself - if you look very, very closely, you can see where the grid has dried slightly, reducing the definition of the 3 and 5. But that's under very high magnification - in your car the grid looks exceptional. There's also the faintest drying (but not cracking) of the leather on the passenger side, so I've included a closeup of that as well.
In the U.S., this knob was only original to the 1500 '93 Limited Editions, 3500 '95 M Editions, and 1500 '97 STO's. Or it could be ordered from Mazda, as this one was, but they've been discontinued and out of stock for well over a decade.
Priced by rarity and condition - $275 for the minty one, $125 for the repaired one, plus $10 for box shipping and insurance in either case. For perspective, I know of an m.net collector who has a couple of these, and he turned down a $300 offer for one. So move fast, you're not likely to see another for years!