The Late Great Grady Clays 1979 SC

about 1 year ago
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The wife has decided to let her 1979 SC go that was owned by the Great Late Grady Clay.
This is a perfect specimen to create a back date, hot rod, sun roof delete car or what ever your heart desires.
Due to the fact that it was nearly completely disassembled when we purchased it, it was the perfect platform and state for a hot rod and still is. Our intentions were weld the roof shut, big cam, carb 2.2 or
2.4, RS interior, lowered and duck.
I will post more pics this week as I have time. The car is 99% complete as far as we could tell except for the windshield. All original silver / black, A/C car except for MOMO steering wheel and shifter knob. This car is a rust free western car until Cris, Grady's son brought it back to Louisville,
You can Google Grady's name
You can google Grady and see the great man he was and also find the state in which I bought the car. I have reassembled some of it as seen in the pictures.
I am asking $19.500 for the car.