1999 Porsche Boxster Manual Driver/Project - Cheap

about 1 year ago
FS: 1999 Porsche Boxster Manual Driver/Project - Cheap
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Colorado Springs, CO

This Porsche has been sitting for several years, which is why I'm referring to it as a project at all. In my opinion, it should get an oil change, a brake fluid flush, and a general inspection. It does run and drive, but it does stumble at idle occasionally, even though it makes good power under load.
It is missing some of the interior center console trim and a front turn lens. It also has some scratches on it. It is a solid base of a car to start with, if you want a great-handling Porsche for old used Toyota money, this is it. If you are looking on making a track car or spec-racer, this is it. If you simply want a cool, fun, cheap car to drive and then sell later for at least as much as you have in it, this is the car.
I have the car fax - it's a 2 owner car (except for current estate owner who inherited it) with one accident reported, but I don't see any evidence of significant damage anywhere.
Happy to show - cash price. I've priced it attractively, so don't try a low-ball.