2000 Celica GT *Los Angeles Area*

over 1 year ago
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I'm selling my 2000 Toyota Celica GT.
I'm the second owner of this car. The first owner was my cousin and he maintained the car really well since he bought new.
I'm selling it because I have no room for the car at the moment.
Brief description:
2000 Celica GT
4-spd automatic with OD
204k miles.
TN Member special price: $2400 OBO
Location: Torrance, CA (Southbay Area, 15 miles south from Downtown LA)
-Never been modded, always stayed stock.
-Replaced new shocks with TOKICOS last year.
-4 new tires installed in January 2017 with Nittos NT450 All-Season Ultra High Performance Tires
-New head unit installed last year with integrated bluetooth phone capability and customizable colors for HUD
-New S2K radio antenna installed
-Replaced new spark plugs at 170k miles.
-4spd Automatic works great!
-AC blows cold
-Working sunroof
-Working automatic windows
-Great mileage
-Automatic lock works for rear hatch.
-Paint in front and hood are flawless
-New headlights installed two years ago.
-Spare tire in excellent condition
-Includes original manual
-Clean title
-Needs new serpentine belt ($25 belt)
-Needs new engine mounts
-Driver and passenger doors dinged and scratched by haters
-Automatic door lock actuators does not work for both driver and passenger doors
(Needs to be replaced if you want automatic locks)
-A small hole in the driver seat
-Steering wheel is cracked from years of being out in the sun.
-Paint is fading in some areas around the roof and rear hatch.