2002 Toyota Echo 2dr 5spd

almost 2 years ago
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Norfolk VA

Name: Jeff Riblett
Email: idontdatepsychohags@gmail.com
Location: Norfolk, VA
Payment preference: Cash only
Item: 2002 Toyota Echo 2 door 5 speed manual. 226000 miles but in great mechanical condition.
Price: I'm asking $2100 because of the new parts. I checked and it books at $1875 for a private party sale. I wouldn't hesitate to drive the car anywhere.
Description: I averaged 35-40 MPG in mixed city/highway driving and I usually run 5-10 over. The car had a new clutch to include everything except the flywheel about a year and a half ago. I replaced the injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, spark plugs, computer and crank position sensor while trying to track down a problem. The problem turned out to be one of the coils... I replaced two of them with Denso coils.
The only things that don't work on the car are the air conditioner and the fuel gauge light in the dash.
I have a new set of look-alike hubcaps for it but have not installed them yet.
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