PA: 2013 Scion FRS with Innovate Supercharger (285whp)

over 4 years ago
PA: 2013 Scion FRS with Innovate Supercharger (285whp)
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I am sad to say it but it looks like the time has come to put my beloved 86 up for sale. It has been an amazing 2 years but with my family growing it just doesn?t make sense to have 2 rwd 2 door sports cars (my wife leased a 370z and since it?s a lease we can?t really get rid of it). I have put so much love and care into this car and it has never let me down.
What you are looking at is no ordinary Scion FRS, this is a supercharged, purpose built, sports car. My goal for this car was to build it as I thought it should have been from the factory. Every mod was handpicked to give it an OEM fit and finish while enhancing the vehicle in every aspect. This can be seen all the way from the choice in forced induction (the Innovate Supercharger?s power band screams refinement as it pins you back) all the way to the Tom?s taillights. Take note that this is not a garage warrior car. I spent a lot of time finding the best people I could to work on my vehicle. The wheels, springs, and alignment were all done by the guys at RT_Tuning (check them out, they have amazing service and do great work) and the Innovate Supercharger was installed and tuned by Mike at Moto-East. Mike is one of the leading 86 tuners in the area if not the entire east coast and has been a pleasure to work with. He runs the Innovate Supercharger on his shop car so I knew I was in good hands.
To this day I have not stopped getting compliments about my car and I still look back at it and smile every time it?s parked. I am confident that I will probably never own a better drivers car in my life time which saddens me but as they say it is better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all. I will do my best to list out every mod on the car with its purchase price to give you an understanding of what went into this build and understand the price. If you have any questions about the car or want to schedule time to look at it let me know.
Basic Info:
Model: Scion FRS
Mileage: 13000 (8000 of those miles are with the supercharger)
Transmission: 6 speed
Color: Ultramarine
Mods List:
Innovate Supercharger ? $3,195
Raceseng 70mm SC Pulley- $95
Moto-East EcuTek Tuning + License (93 and e85 tune)- $500
Miro 111 18x8.5 +35 front 18x9.5 +40 rear- $900
Sumitomo HTR Z III 225/40/18 front tires-$228
Sumitomo HTR Z III 255/35/18 rear tires- $292
Eibach Sportlines- $260
R/T Alignment- $125
OEM Fog lights- $400
Clear Side Markers- $70
OEM Toyota Emblems- $60
Tint by Lee Burbs- $250
Ebay Lip kit- $310
GReddy SP Elite Exhaust- $610
Tom?s Taillights- $440
Total- $7735*
*This total does not include any install costs or maintenance. I had all the work professionally done but left that out of pricing in case a buyer wanted to see the raw cost for them to do the work themselves.
Asking price for complete car- $27,000
Again if you have any questions post them here or shoot me a PM. I am accepting offers but am in no rush to sell this car. I highly recommend the shops I have worked with, R/T Tuning, Moto-East, and AZP Installs. If you are interested in getting any work done or would like to ask them about my car let me know and I will try and get you in touch with the right people.
P.S. I am looking to purchase a new family car after this is sold so if you think you have something that I may be interested in trading for please let me know. I am a very friendly the person and the worst I can do is say no.
Supercharged FR-S on the dyno, 285whp/235wtq - YouTube
Supercharged FR-S on the dyno, 285whp/235wtq - YouTube
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