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Stalk Switches I have a few used switches available: 1. 911.613.306.03 OEM Wiper Switch (Early style) Average condition $60 + shipping 2. 911.613.306.02 OEM Wiper Switch (Later style) Excellent condition $90 + shipping 3. 911.613.305.01 OEM Turn Signal Switch Excellent condition...
Bump Steer Kit New bump steer kit purchased from Pelican, in original packing. $15 shipped.
Dipstick Brand new Porsche dipstick. 93010773101 $20 plus shipping.
Emblems I have a couple of used emblems available. Prices are plus shipping. 911SC = $30 Carrera = $15
Carrera Oil Tank (Restored) I have a very nice Carrera oil tank available, which has been professionally restored by the highly recommended Pacific Oil Cooler in CA (cleaned, painted and tested). It includes the cap, which was also painted by them. The tank has not been used since restoration. $450 + shipping and Paypal ...
WEVO Shifter + PSJ I have a WEVO shifter kit (Black, 915, Tall Knob) and their Precision Coupler for sale. They are both brand new and in their original packaging. I can take some pics this evening. If you need the factory 915 shift tower, I can provide this too, along with the long linkage to connect the shifte...
CCW Classic Wheels I have a set of used 17" CCW Classic wheels available, sized to fit a 911 running 930/turbo flares. Selling due to abandoned project, which I'm parting out. These are the "race" version of the 3-piece wheel, where the centers have been drilled with additional holes to lighten them. The fastene...
Bosch H4 Headlight Assemblies (NEW) I have one pair of brand new BOSCH H4 headlight assemblies available, with chrome rings. They are still in their original boxes and are made in Czech Republic. The lenses are branded "AL", but come in BOSCH boxes. These are from my abandoned 911 project. $600 plus shipping and PP fees. Or coll...
Early Whale Tail I have the early whale tail from my abandoned project available. This is a DIY tail, with a fiberglass tail bonded onto a factory steel decklid. I was looking to emulate the RS 3.0 look, but didn't want to use an authentic early whale tail due to both expense and the fragile rubber lips. I dec...
Recaro Pole Position ABE Seats I have a pair of Recaro Pole Position ABE seats available. I imported them from Germany in 2015 for my (now abandoned) 911 project. They have been in storage and have never been used, but I did test fit one of them in my chassis. They are trimmed in Recaro's "Ambla leather black" (outer covers...
911 Gauges I have a set of used gauges available from my abandoned '76 911 project. They are from a variety of years, since the car was a Frankenstein (Carrera motor). All prices are plus shipping/fees, or collected in San Diego. Happy to supply more photos upon request. 1. Speedo (Electronic, 150 mph) ...
Right Inner Fender I have the front portion of the right inner fender of an SC/Carrera available. I was going to use it to repair my chassis, but then sourced a complete front clip. I bought it as a front-right corner cut and removed all the additional bits. $150 plus shipping, or collected in San Diego.
WTB: 76-77 930 A/C Condenser Does anyone have the rear A/C condenser from a 76-77 3.0 turbo? i.e. the one that sits under the auxiliary grille of the whale tail. 930.512.009.00 #1 in the following diagram: Thanks.
Midyear (74-77) Rear Bumper Extensions I have a pair of used factory bumper extensions for a 74-77 "mid-year" 911. $75 plus shipping, or collected in San Diego.
NOS Headlight Washer "Snorkel" Clips I still have a couple of sets left. All the info is in the listing. Open to offers through Pelican. FYI, the nozzles appear to be back in production. eBay Link
Tarrett Adjustable Swaybar Drop Link Brand new set of Tarrett 911 adjustable drop links for factory rear 78-89 swaybars on 65-89 cars. See Pelican instructions here. $115 shipped CONUS.
External Oil Thermostat Assembly This is an very nice, used factory external oil thermostat assembly (stamped 911.107.163.OR). Threads are in great condition. I replaced the internal thermostat with a brand new unit (Hella/Behr) and sealing ring, since this was going to go into my resto: 930.107.155.00 - Regulator Piston ...
Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts Have some wheel hardware left over from my abandoned project. These should all fit in the small USPS flat-rate box. 1. Brand new set of 20 x 66mm wheel studs (911.331.671.00). They are marked with "VERBUS 10.9" on the heads. I believe this is the Porsche OEM manufacturer. $85 plus shipping....
Bosch Carrera 3.2 Fuel Pump I have a brand new Bosch fuel pump, for the Carrera 3.2 engine. Still in original box. It's Bosch part #69458 and the OE part according to: Bosch Part Website Only selling as I recently abandoned my project... $80 plus shipping, or collected in San Diego.
Jerry Woods Rear Swaybar Mount I have a new set of 911 rear swaybar mounts, produced by Jerry Woods Enterprises, which I was saving to install on my now abandoned 911 project (with the typical mangled factory mounts). These are, in my opinion, much nicer than the Wevo units, since they get welded to the torsion tube. In fa...
Strut Tower Brace Brackets Pair of brand new strut brackets (65-89), by Restoration Design. $30 + shipping, or collected in San Diego.
Fenn Lane Sunroof Delete Panel I have a brand new, steel Fenn Lane sunroof delete panel available (imported from UK). It's a beautiful piece of work and comes supplied with a curvature gauge. It is still in the original packaging - removed purely for photo. $325 + shipping, or collected in San Diego. My plan was to bond ...
930 Turbo Flares (Dansk, unused) I have a new and unused set of Dansk steel turbo/930 flares (i.e. one pair of 9" fronts and one pair of 11" rears). Bought these for a project I recently abandoned and I never got around to mounting them. They have been in storage for a couple of years, so have the usual scratches from moving aro...
Subject Price Brand Price Found
2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 5... $24,995.00 - 3 hours ago
Stalk Switches $90.00 Other 9 months ago
Bump Steer Kit $15.00 Other 10 months ago
Dipstick - Porsche 10 months ago
Emblems $15.00 Porsche 10 months ago
Carrera Oil Tank (Restored) $450.00 Porsche 10 months ago
WEVO Shifter + PSJ $720.00 Mercedes 10 months ago
CCW Classic Wheels $1,750.00 BMW 10 months ago
Bosch H4 Headlight Assemblies (NEW) $600.00 Subaru 10 months ago
Early Whale Tail $840.00 Porsche 10 months ago
Recaro Pole Position ABE Seats $1,700.00 Porsche 10 months ago
911 Gauges $250.00 Porsche 10 months ago
Right Inner Fender $150.00 Other 10 months ago
WTB: 76-77 930 A/C Condenser - Audi 10 months ago
Midyear (74-77) Rear Bumper Extensions $911.00 Other 10 months ago
NOS Headlight Washer "Snorkel" Clips - Subaru 10 months ago
Tarrett Adjustable Swaybar Drop Link $115.00 Other 10 months ago
External Oil Thermostat Assembly $250.00 Other 10 months ago
Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts $20.00 Porsche 10 months ago
Bosch Carrera 3.2 Fuel Pump $80.00 Subaru 10 months ago
Jerry Woods Rear Swaybar Mount $130.00 Other 10 months ago
Strut Tower Brace Brackets $30.00 Other 10 months ago
Fenn Lane Sunroof Delete Panel $325.00 Subaru 10 months ago
930 Turbo Flares (Dansk, unused) $1,000.00 Mercedes 10 months ago