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3x Fuchs Center Caps - No Holes Three (3) Original Fuchs / Cookie Cutter Wheel Center Caps. No holes for the hubcap puller. Ring type backings. $60 shipped for all three, international shipping extra.
WTB - 1970 through 1984 Key Fob I have been collecting key fobs for a while now, these are the unique ones I have from 1970 through 1984 (excluding the one with the ring exposed). Most look the same but none are the same. If you have one for sale that does not look like these I am a buyer at fair market value. I am interested i...
1973.5 Tool Kit 1973.5 Tool Kit. All originals besides the four open end wrenches. I needed to replace with wrenches from another 911 tool kit as the originals were heavily corroded. The screwdriver is correct and the blade has the correct stamp on it. Bag is soft and the strings are still present. Jusin marks a...
LWB Tool Kit Items - Excellent Parting this one out, sold a few of the items so not a complete tool kit anymore. Screwdriver set - $550 DFS Wrench set - $550 Pliers - $250 Phoenix Belt, February 1970 - $200 19/22 Box Wrench - $300 Allen Key (has a manufacturing defect, an indention that runs the full length) - $90 SP ...
LWB Lug Wrench Excellent LWB Lug Wrench. It was used previously as a jack handle, hence the wear at the tapered end. Besides that looks great. $150 shipped, international shipping extra.
17/19 DFS Wrench Excellent Excellent 17/19 DFS wrench with milled ends. $225 shipped, international shipping extra.
Turbo Carrera Workshop Manual Original (not a reprint) Workshop Manual for a Turbo Carrera. Includes two updates to include 1978 models. The manual is in unused condition with minor wear to the binder and the very first page. No water or moisture damage. $400 shipped within the U.S., international shipping extra. $370 s...
Porsche Strasse Issues - 67 to 69 I got these in a lot of brochures I just bought, have no use for them. All the issues shown in the pictures for $10 including shipping and PayPal fees. You can pick up for free in Houston, TX.
March 1964 Panorama w/ Letter March 1964 Panorama issue with original PCA letter, the Panorama magazine is not rare but the letter is. $10 including shipping and PayPal fees, free pick-up in Houston, TX.
LWB Tool Kit Complete LWB tool kit. All tools are in excellent original condition, not flawless perfect but very nice. The P208 tool was missing so I put in a broken P208 in the tool kit as a place holder, you will need to buy a nice new one to make it actually complete. The belt has a February 1970 date s...
LWB Lug Wrench & Jack Handle Original Lug Wrench / Jack Handle for LWB models. Ok condition with plating loss as shown. $100+shipping. $90+shipping if I have bought from you on this forum.
1975 - 1989 930 Workshop Manuals Original Workshop Manual set for 1975 through 1989 911 Turbo models. These are the collectible original versions in maroon binders and high quality pages. Later reprints in gray binders have lower quality prints and can be obtained for $200 or so, if you need a set for shop use. Both manuals a...
Identification - Blue Jack Does anyone know if this is correct for a Porsche or not, and if so what years? I remember seeing blue jacks back in the days but can't remember if they were the same or even if they were Porsche originals or aftermarkets. Any help will be appreciated. It will be for sale once I figure out ...
New Orange Bar Badge New Old Stock Orange Bar Badge from 60's... Just Kidding... It is a genuine Porsche badge which is German made and manufactured in 2016. Very good quality, the detail is excellent unlike most repros. No dimples on the "Stuttgart" block, which is the common giveaway of repros. Porsche really di...
Original MFI Manual I have an incomplete original MFI Manual. The manual has 38 of the 47 original pages. The cover has moisture rippling but the other pages are in excellent condition with some yellowing due to age. $27 shipped.
Technical Specs Booklets - German Original ~100 page Technical Specifications booklets, four are in unused condition with cover wear and the 1975 booklet has fingerprint stains on 3-4 pages. All are in German and are original prints, not reprints. $35 shipped for one, $60 shipped for two, $85 for three, or $100 for all.
LWB Pliers - Tool Kit Original Pliers for a late 69- early 73 tool kit. 160mm length. It is in very good condition but not perfect. $208 shipped.
15x7&8 Fuchs Set of original 15x7 & 15x8 Fuchs. Later versions (part numbers ending in 41 & 42), Date Stamps on the 15x7's are 14th week of 1984, 15x8's have 18th week of 1984 stamps. Centers are pretty nice, center caps are very nice too, lips have scratches as shown. No bents, no cracks, no welds, etc. ...
Sunroof Tool $95 shipped, international shipping extra.
Jack Pad Extension Used Jack Pad Extension, dirty but structurally fine. Very heavy for its size. $25 shipped or $20 picked up in Houston, TX.
Early to Mid 80's Tire Air Compressor Early to Mid 80's Tire Air Compressor. The bottom cover is broken so I used tape to hold it in place as shown in the pictures. $160 shipped.
3 1985-1993 Tire Air Compressors I have three (3) late 1985 through 1993 Tire Air Compressors in good working condition. All have both closing tabs intact without any separation. One will come with two accessory tips, the others are missing the accessories. $245 shipped each, $220 picked up in Houston, TX.
1973 1974 BDW Tire Air Compressor Early Tire Air Compressor, German BDW compressor in Canadian Webster case. I know they were used in 1973 and 1974 models, not sure what other year models these were used in. Good working condition, the case is not cracked but there are stains on it, closing tab and the hinges are intact, all ...
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2009 Subaru WRX STI 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI only 88k ... $18,900.00 - 3 hours ago
3x Fuchs Center Caps - No Holes $60.00 Other 8 months ago
WTB - 1970 through 1984 Key Fob $1,984.00 Other 8 months ago
1973.5 Tool Kit $1,720.00 Subaru 8 months ago
LWB Tool Kit Items - Excellent $550.00 Other 8 months ago
LWB Lug Wrench $150.00 Other 9 months ago
17/19 DFS Wrench Excellent $225.00 Other 9 months ago
Turbo Carrera Workshop Manual $370.00 Mercedes 9 months ago
Porsche Strasse Issues - 67 to 69 $10.00 Porsche 9 months ago
March 1964 Panorama w/ Letter $10.00 Other 9 months ago
LWB Tool Kit $1,850.00 Other 9 months ago
LWB Lug Wrench & Jack Handle $90.00 Other 9 months ago
1975 - 1989 930 Workshop Manuals $360.00 Mercedes 9 months ago
Identification - Blue Jack - Porsche 9 months ago
New Orange Bar Badge $15.00 Porsche 9 months ago
Original MFI Manual $27.00 Other 9 months ago
Technical Specs Booklets - German $100.00 Other 10 months ago
LWB Pliers - Tool Kit $208.00 Other 10 months ago
15x7&8 Fuchs $1,400.00 BMW 10 months ago
Sunroof Tool $95.00 Other 10 months ago
Jack Pad Extension $20.00 Other 10 months ago
Early to Mid 80's Tire Air Compressor $160.00 Other about 1 year ago
3 1985-1993 Tire Air Compressors $220.00 Other about 1 year ago
1973 1974 BDW Tire Air Compressor $395.00 Other about 1 year ago