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Tx: 2003 Wrb Wrx 85k 2003 WRX Abilene, TX $13,500 or a reasonable offer 85,000 (not daily driver, but may increase a little) Manual, 5 speed, Type RA gears See Below for pictures See Below for modifications Problems: A few dings, one small dent over the driver's side tail light, some paint chips, a few scratches on ...
TX 2003 WRX, 85k, $15000 Year, Make, Model: 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX Location: Abilene, TX Price: $15,000 or a reasonable offer Mileage: 84,800 (may change a little) Transmission: Manual - 5 spd, RA Gears Pictures: - see below Description and Mods: see below Any problems: Few dings and dents here and there, ...
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2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4dr Sedan S 550 4MATIC mercede... $62,881.00 - 5 hours ago
Tx: 2003 Wrb Wrx 85k $13,500.00 Mercedes about 1 year ago
TX 2003 WRX, 85k, $15000 $15,000.00 Mercedes over 1 year ago