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Shroud w/duct From a 73 1/2 T Should work on a lot of others. Needs some attention, but still original. I did some repair work on the oil cooler duct w/JB weld. $150- plus shipping
GEN/ALT outer pulleys 912 outer $20- 911 outer $20- SC double outer $20- All prices shipped in ConUS
73 1/2 CIS Intake Runners 73 1/2 ONLY, steel tubes with cast iron bases. These are light blasted and are ready for paint/powder coat. A lot of these got tossed back in the seventies & eighties in favor of carbs. Bring your 73 1/2 back to original!! $240 plus shipping.
69-73 Pass Armrest Has small indentation (pictured) where something was laying on it in a box. Should decompress with time or a little heat. $150 + shipping
69-73 clamshell & hornring Pulled from a '71 twenty years ago. No cracks, No broken tabs, and all studs in place. Horn ring has slight chip as shown in pics. $100 shipped in ConUS
LWB turn/wipe stalks Pulled from a '71 twenty years ago. We're working when pulled. I just put on new rubber "handles" from our host. $200- shipped ConUS
Euro tail light lenses These are the OE-quality repro lenses. Never installed. $150- shipped CONUS
Hood hinges Front hood hinges $80- Deck lid hinges $60- Buy together $120- All plus shipping.
Horn contact rings One early $40- and one later $15- Both plus shipping.
Dome lights Pair of black framed dome lights w/bulbs. $70- shipped in cont. US.
Early chrome glove box and Targa light EXCELLENT condition. Taken out of a '71 many moons ago and stored in a box in my closet. $75- shipped in cont. US
CIS Boot Off an '82 SC. Been sitting in storage for quite a while. Still good! $35 plus shipping
SWB hazard relays $210- shipped in cont. US
964 Thermostat and oil filter housing I got these a while back for a project I'm working on, by decided to go a different route. $140 for both plus shipping
Chrome Window Crank Factory crank with cover, buffer, and screw $32- shipped in conUS
SWB window cranks I tapped and threaded one knob that the rivet was worn. $80- plus shipping.
Pop out hinge parts I have these incomplete pop out hinges. $30- plus shipping
Window cranks One chrome and one black. Black plastic inserts show wear close to knob, but cranks and knobs are good. $48- each shipped in the cont. US.
Extended hub Extended hub portion for three spoke early 944 $70 plus shipping
Early 7x15 wheel Early wheel in excellent condition $250 plus shipping
'71 T tachometer Tachometer dated 11/70 out my '71 T $300 plus shipping
Shift Rods & Shift Housing 69-71 Shift Housing - $80 OBO + shipping 901 Shift Rod - $70 OBO + shipping 915 Shift Rod - $70 OBO + shipping
SWB wiper arm I only have one $50 plus shipping
Subject Price Brand Price Found
2005 Subaru WRX STI ubaru wrx sti $12,000.00 - 3 hours ago
Shroud w/duct $150.00 Mercedes 6 months ago
GEN/ALT outer pulleys $20.00 Other 6 months ago
73 1/2 CIS Intake Runners $240.00 Other 6 months ago
69-73 Pass Armrest $150.00 Other 6 months ago
69-73 clamshell & hornring $100.00 Other 6 months ago
LWB turn/wipe stalks $200.00 Other 6 months ago
Euro tail light lenses $150.00 Other 9 months ago
Hood hinges $120.00 Other 9 months ago
Horn contact rings $15.00 Other 9 months ago
Dome lights $70.00 Other 9 months ago
Early chrome glove box and Targa light $75.00 Other 9 months ago
CIS Boot $35.00 Subaru 9 months ago
SWB hazard relays $210.00 Other 10 months ago
964 Thermostat and oil filter housing $140.00 Other 10 months ago
Chrome Window Crank $32.00 Other 10 months ago
SWB window cranks $80.00 Other 10 months ago
Pop out hinge parts $30.00 Other 10 months ago
Window cranks $48.00 Other 10 months ago
Extended hub $944.00 Other 10 months ago
Early 7x15 wheel $250.00 Other 10 months ago
'71 T tachometer $300.00 Mercedes 10 months ago
Shift Rods & Shift Housing $70.00 Other 11 months ago
SWB wiper arm $50.00 Other 11 months ago