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911 Bra Bra for a 911. I used it on a long hood. Not sure if that is what is is for or not. In good but not perfect condition. Does appear to be good quality. $45 plus buyer pays shipping. Thanks
Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts Full set, (20) of aluminum wheel nuts. Cosmetically pretty rough, (see pics) but fully usable. $25 plus buyer pays shipping 16 steel, (open ended) lugs nuts. Cosmetically rough but work fine. $20 plus buyer pays shipping 11 studs. Were original so I assume 45mm but not sure. $1...
Pair of 911 inner door thresholds A pair of inner door threshold plates. The leading edge, (towards the front of the car) of both plates has been cut out so the down bar for a full roll cage could clear the threshold, (please see pics). These are perfect if you have or plan to use a full cage in a 911. These were from a 1973...
RS Graphics Assorted RS graphics in red. Not a complete set, please see pics. Located in SoCal $30 plus buyer pays shipping.
Seat Slider One set, (for one seat) seat slider. I think it was for a Sparco but not positive. They look like new condition. I do not think it was ever used. $45 plus buyer pays shipping. Thanks
Lug Nuts Full set, (20) lug nuts. In rough but usable condition. They are not pretty but they do work. $25 plus buyer pays shipping. Thanks
911 short window cranks Gents, I have a pair of 911 short window winders. They were on a 1973 911 with a full cage. They were put in place to clear the front down tubes. I am trying to figure out what/where they are from. Value/worth? Any info or feedback is appreciated. I think the pictures tell the story. T...
Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount model R-2017. Mount attaches to the normal seat bolts in front of the passenger seat. Specs: Material: Tig welded, type 304, stainless steel. Finish: Satin finish stainless. Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz. Models: Fits 911 69 - 73. Installation: Attache...
911 2 in 2 out sport muffler Sport muffler, 2 in, 2 out. $320 Buyer pays shipping. These this are pretty bulky and heavy so no idea how much shipping will be. Thanks
Battery Tender Charger New, unopened Battery Tender Plus Model 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger. $36 plus $10 shipping thanks
RSA door panels A pair of RSA style lightweight door panels. They are in very good shape but they do show some slight wear. I had them in a 1973 911. $250 for the pair plus $40 shipping. I am in south OC so would be happy to meet someone in LA or SD if that helps and can eliminate the shipping cost. T...
Patrick Motorsports 911 oil light In dash oil light for 911s. Goes in the position where the clock sits. This one is in excellent condition and works as designed. $40 plus $10 shipping Thanks
8x16 Fuchs 8x16 Fuchs. 951 wheels, (Turbo 944). The offset allows very wide tires on a standard narrow fender. I had 245/45 with no issues. The wheels are in good condition. Not concours. Straight and true, no crack/bends etc. The tires are old race tires and will be removed prior to shipping. ...
9x17 Built Fuchs A pair of 9x17 Fuchs. Built from Fuchs centers. I think the barrels are BBS but I am not sure. Wheels are straight and true. No issues whatsoever. They are dirty and need a good cleaning. A great way to get big tires on back. I had them on a RS clone with 275/40s. No issues. Tires ...
Three pronged Fuchs caps. Set of four Four caps. Prongs in good shape. Caps could be used as is but a little rough. Perfect for refinishing. All four caps for $60. buyer pays shipping. Thanks
WTT 911 Door top/garnish Looking to trade two door tops/garnish that have been modified for two unmodified ones. The ones I have have been modified to clear the front down tube of a roll cage. They were done to a high quality and look good. I have removed the cage and now no longer need the clearance. If someon...
Autopower Roll Bar 911 Coupe Good condition Autopower bar for 911 coupes. I had it in a 73 but assume it is good for 65-89. Has mounting plates and hardware. This thing is to big and unwieldy to ship. Sorry but local pick up only. $300. Thanks
Porsche 911 Smart Racing Solid Engine/Tran... These are the original Solid Engine and 915 trans Mounts from Jerry Woods Enterprises Smart Racing Products. The mounts, (for the engine) can be used for any 911 from 1965-1989. The mounts, (for a trans) can be used on any 911 with a 915 trans from 1972-1986. I have four mounts and would ...
3.8 RSR rear tail and 60" wing 3.8 tail in fiberglass. Tail has the normal latching mechanism as well as RSR tie downs, (please see pics). Wing is 60" in carbon fiber. Wing comes with two sets of end plates as shown. Overall all pieces are in very good but used condition. Due to size/bulk will not ship. I am in s...
LWB seat support rails A pair of seat support rails Part # 911 521 051 01 Good condition $250 for the pair plus buyer pays all fees and shipping.
1973 Glove Box Door Very very nice condition glove box door with lock. Not prefect but very nice. The vinyl is in very good condition. $275 plus buyer pays shipping, (it is very heavy) Thanks
I/O Port camera mount Camera mount for roll bar/cage. Very heavy duty. Very good condition. $75
LWB Ashtray LWB ashtray. In good condition. Not concours but very usable. $85 plus buyer pays shipping.
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2014 Toyota Corolla LE Sedan 4-Door 2014 TOYOTA COROLLA L... $4,950.00 - 2 hours ago
911 Bra $45.00 Other about 1 month ago
Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts $20.00 Other about 2 months ago
Pair of 911 inner door thresholds $1,973.00 Other 2 months ago
RS Graphics $30.00 Other 3 months ago
Seat Slider $45.00 Other 3 months ago
Lug Nuts $25.00 Other 4 months ago
911 short window cranks - Other 4 months ago
Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount $17.00 Other 4 months ago
911 2 in 2 out sport muffler $320.00 Other 4 months ago
Battery Tender Charger $10.00 Volkswagen 5 months ago
RSA door panels - Other 5 months ago
Patrick Motorsports 911 oil light $10.00 Other 5 months ago
8x16 Fuchs $1,400.00 Other 7 months ago
9x17 Built Fuchs $1,300.00 Other 7 months ago
Three pronged Fuchs caps. Set of four $60.00 Other 7 months ago
WTT 911 Door top/garnish - Other 8 months ago
Autopower Roll Bar 911 Coupe $300.00 Other 8 months ago
Porsche 911 Smart Racing Solid Engine/Trans Mounts 1965-1989 $170.00 Porsche 8 months ago
3.8 RSR rear tail and 60" wing $1,500.00 Other 9 months ago
LWB seat support rails $250.00 Other 9 months ago
1973 Glove Box Door $275.00 Other 9 months ago
I/O Port camera mount $75.00 Other 10 months ago
LWB Ashtray $85.00 Other 10 months ago