For Sale/Trade Channel your inner Lee Sklar with this sweet double reverse P

over 2 years ago
For Sale/Trade Channel your inner Lee Sklar with this sweet double reverse P
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Here we have a recent-model Electra Phoenix. Electra is back and their newer Korean basses blow away the Japanese basses from the 70s, in my opinion. The quality and construction on this baby is what you would find on a higher end, boutique instrument. I was very happy to discover a recessed-bolt neck joint, all-chrome Hipshot Y-key tuners, Tusq nut, real mother-of-pearl block inlays, Babicz bridge, smooth, glass-like ebony fingerboard, and excellent fretwork. I love this bass and it sounds amazing, but I already have another "double reverse P" and I can probably live with only one. Alder body, beautiful black finish, two passive EMG pickups in the reverse position with an active EMG circuit (treble / bass stack) and 5-way pickup selector/splitter rotary knob (you can do full on, outer coils, inner coils, front P pickup only, or rear P pickup only - see diagram below.) This bass plays like butter. The nut width is somewhere between 1.5" and 1.625" ... the neck feels chunky and round and feels awesome in my large hands.
This bass is seriously awesome and is in excellent condition. I discovered a thin paint scratch across the back, but since the bass is black, you have to tilt it in the light to really see it. I'm a bit overly-careful with my gear and picky about flaws and it does not bother me a bit.
Ships in an Electra gigbag. Using a non-scientific method, I weighed it at 9 lbs (could be a little more or less.) $625 shipped, o.b.o., lower 48. I'm probably not going to ship internationally at this time - at least not if it requires taking the bass apart. Alaska and Hawaii: PM me for a shipping quote.
Trades? Maybe but not super-likely. Throw something at me, though.
I really do not want to let this bass go. I do not mind keeping it, but I have a condo closing at the end of the month and any extra cash would be helpful. I reserve the right to come to my senses and pull any of these off the market at any time...maybe by the end of typing this post
(All pictures borrowed from previous owners where necessary as my phone is being a huge pain and running out of battery more rapidly than it should.)

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