Carter D10, 9x9 with New Body

over 1 year ago
Cameron Parsons
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Steel Guitar Forum
Angleton, Texas

I had this Carter built for me in 2007, and at the beginning of this year I had it rebuilt with a new, gray mica body.
It has 9x9 with a very logical, "Franklin-esque" pedal set up or enough hardware for you to reconfigure to anything your mind can create. It is loaded with BL XR-16 pickups.
I had the nefarious "dog bones" which fasten the pull rods to the bell cranks replaced with ferrules.
The ferrules are a tremendous upgrade and make changing the pedal set simple and eliminates all the associated problems of the dog bones.
I will ship this guitar in its flight case along with allen wrenches for the ferrule set screws, extra bell cranks, and a big tuning wrench. I am selling to make way for my new Williams! The price is $2,500 plus shipping.