Carter starter George L66s no case :( $750

11 months ago
Zac Bamer
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Steel Guitar Forum
Texas, USA

Hey yall! A year ago I pickup a carter starter and impressed myself and decided to upgrade to a better name MSA classic that I got for a steel (pun intended ha) so my carter starter has been collecting dust and figured someone might either want to start learning for cheap like me, or need a lighter weight setup! I heard a lot of bad news about these things staying in tune but have never had an issue unless the temperature change is dramatic.
Anyway, I have a carter starter s-10 3&4, the previous owner ran a George L 66 in it for a crisp, bright and vintage sound and I was very happy with it but I cant leave my msa sustain. There are a few chips in the wrap and its missing one rubber foot I had a substitute but lost it.
No case as well /: but I have a cheap volume pedal for it. Some picks and a slider.
Based out of cedar park Texas just north of Austin call text pm in you have questions! Thanks! 512-966-1434 apologies for the sticker lol