Melobar CC-8 Cindy Cashdollar 8-string lap steel 550+ ship

about 3 years ago
Melobar CC-8 Cindy Cashdollar 8-string lap steel  550+ ship
John Wilson
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Ventura, California, USA

Melobar CC-8 Cindy Cashdollar 8-string lap steel
With Sportslock gun case.
Very popular 8-string S-head guitar it went through similar body transitions going from the old LS body to the carved S-head and carved upper bouts with a side jack. 24" scale.
Built through the same era as the SLS and S-Head over two hundred were built through to 2000
Named after Cindy Cashdollar because Lawrence copied the tone of her guitars pickup
Guitar has a couple of bar nicks and some pick wear below the strings but plays and sounds wonderful.
Condition: 8/10
A bit of history here:
scroll down, the CC-8 is mentioned just before Steinberger...
(More details and pics available)
I also have a BMI S-10 4 x 4 that I would be willing to trade with the Melobar for a 3x5 or 4x4 S-10 or SD-10 from a few select builders. (Carter, Mullen, Derby, Rittenberry or Excel - Id be able to add some cash). I'd list the BMI for about $1600.
If the Melobar sells, Ill put the S-10 up for sale/trade and and have more cash to work with.
I love the BMI but my unusual tuning needs a guitar that can (at least) do triple-raise, triple lower).
I will put whatever copedant the buyer requests on the S-10.
BMI has been gone over by me and improvements have been made to improve playability.
I have lots of spare parts and I could throw in a Goodrich vol pedal to sweeten the deal.
Lets talk!
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