/FT: G&L El Toro

almost 5 years ago
FS/FT: G&L El Toro
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Up for grabs is a fairly rare G&L El Toro! Excellent shape for it's age, pics show the worst of the blemishes. Jazz killer! Great bass, but time for a change for me as I have two G&L's of the same vintage but keep to a small arsenal.
Starting at $950 shipped CONUS. Will ship in a gig bag. Open to reasonable offers.
I'd rather sell it, but I'm open to trades. I cannot do any cash, but certainly am open to partial trades from you.
Please limit trade offers to 4 string basses only. I am super picky on color to forewarn, but I'm open to lots of different basses so throw whatcha got at me. Stuff along the following lines floats my boat right now:
Lakland Skylines (most models)
EBMM Bongos and Rays
SBMM Rays (particularly that blue sparkle ltd. one they did)
P style basses with P/J or P/MM set ups
Carvin SB or PB series
Schecter Stargazers
Spector Euros
Maybe a T-Bird or Fender-Bird of some sort
Quirky stuff like Eastwood, DiPinto, Italia, etc.
I might entertain a 2x12" cabinet if it's light and not covered in rat fur. Might. possibly a Zoom B3. No other amps or effects please.
One pic is below, but check this link for a bunch of 'em: