*rare* 1946 Kiesel/Carvin bakelite lap steel

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*rare* 1946 Kiesel/Carvin bakelite lap steel
Mark Santi
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Florida, USA

Ultra rare,excellent condition vintage Kiesel (Carvin) electric lap steel. Flawless black Bakelite body, very strong and loud pickup. Hollow body produces warm tone and incredible sustain. Lucite is raised in 2 places, (see pic #4), but does not affect playing.
Carvin was founded in 1949 by Lowell Kiesel, who began making Kiesel branded laps and pickups in 1946. The following is a quote from the Carvin Museum webmaster:
"This is a rare piece of Carvin history. It's a 1946 Kiesel lap steel guitar. Kiesel was the precursor to Carvin, founded by Lowell Kiesel in 1946, which makes this one of the earliest Carvin instruments ever made. Production on this model was pretty limited, and there are probably less than a dozen examples still around. This one is in excellent condition, and it is all original. Like other early Kiesel instruments, it's made from Bakelite (a synthetic plastic patented in 1907), with a lucite fingerboard. The scale length is 22.5".
Asking $549 obo + S&H