Testing the waters on a Zum D10 trade ?

over 1 year ago
Testing the waters on a Zum D10 trade ?
Larry Lenhart
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Ponca City, Oklahoma

After purchasing my new Telonics amp, I have decided that any steel guitar will sound great thru the amp, and that I have too much money tied up in steel guitar equipment,,,so my loss is your gain. I have a 1991 Zumsteel D10 8&5 in excellent playing condition...it has light scratches on the endplates but cosmetically is still beautiful.
I only have the split cases with me for this steel and they are also in EC.
I would consider a trade for a GFI, Carter,
Fessenden, Williams, etc. (but must be a
D10) plus $2500 cash, or would sell the Zum outright for $4,500 plus shipping. This is what I have in the steel, so I am not trying to make money out of the deal.
Feel free to ask questions or request additional pictures.
Thanks for looking and please bear in mind that I am only testing the waters at this point to see if this proposal generates any interest and to see what kind of steel I could get in trade...not interested in any older steels, such as a Shobud.
If nothing interesting comes along, I will keep the Zum for now. Being the flake that I am, I could easily change my mind.
Thanks and flame away !
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