For Sale Cort B2A-4 Bass Active w/EMG pups

over 3 years ago
For Sale Cort B2A-4 Bass Active w/EMG pups
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I purchased from a TB'er here not long ago but it doesn't fit well with the 60's/Beatles music that I am usually playing.
It's light, plays well and has no issues.
Below is the description mostly from the previous TB add.
This is a Performer series 4 string Headless bass
This is the active version, of what they called the "Performer Series."
This bass is the sister to the Hohner B2A which many regard as the best Steinberger made. There are a couple of key differences here that make the Cort B2A unique:
- The Cort B2A has a slightly curved body which does away with the need for the folding leg-rest featured in the standard Steinberger "cricket bat" or "boat oar" design.
-Pickups are EMG select P/J configuration for more tonal variety and traditional sound when needed.
This bass also features the killer pre-amp present in the Hohner B2A and other active Hohners. There is a stacked knob for treble and bass boost, a passive/active switch, there is an LED light indicating when the bass is in active mode, and in the back of the bass, there is a trim pot to control the pre-amp level. This Bass has PRESENCE!
As you can see by the pics, this bass is in excellent condition, which is pretty rare as these Corts were considered "cheap knockoffs" back in the day and many you see nowadays have been beaten up pretty badly. There is one small chip at the end of the fretboard, (Full Discloser, does not affect playability).
Nice action, new Steinberger stainless steel double ball end strings installed.
No issues with neck, frets, truss rod, and no electronic , or pickup problems
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