mid 1960's Teisco/Kawai [Cortez] guitar- $160

almost 3 years ago
Bob Carlucci
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Steel Guitar Forum
Candor, New York, USA

It carries a nameplate of "Cortez" which means nothing. It was manufactured in Japan in the 60's by Teisco/Kawai..
This looks to be a "high end" model.. I can tell by the superior nickel fret wire as oppossed to crappy brass on most 60's MIJ guitars,, and really nice rosewood fingerboard
and a
well thought out , well functioning tremelo, as well as the very nice full body brushed aluminum guard and adjustable truss rod.. This guitar plays GREAT, with soft low action with 10's, straight as an arrow neck, and VERY good intonation .. It is in
very good condition, a bit of rash on the lower bout, and one lacquer check on the face.It
the original case, and is ready to play anywhere..
A few minor issues .. the bridge pickup is not original.. The pickup housing IS original, but the pickup was dead, and I simply installed a new tele pickup in the original case.. It was not worth spending over $100 on a pickup rewind for a guitar I was going to sell for $160..
Also, the gang switch for the pickup second from neck is broken internally, and was non functional,, I simply wired the pickup into the master on/off slide switch which originally shut ALL the pickups off,, So now that pickup is worked by the small original slide switch.. All 4 pickups work, and can be combined normally as before, except one is on the slide switch instead of the gang switch...
The trem is complete and original and works smooth and accurately, and stays in tune really well.. This is a VERY cool old 1960's guitar, and it plays wonderfully, and IN TUNE!!!.. Price is $160 and is FIRM...
Shipping depends on where it will be sent to I guess.I have seen these sell at $350 on ebay in this condition... come play it as long as you like if you are in driving range,, yeah, fat chance i guess...
anyway, if you like these oddball old guitars, this one plays REALLY well, and sounds cool...bob
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