For Sale Sire Marcus Miller V7 5 string

over 1 year ago
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North Dakota
Everyone's heard the buzz on these, and it's all true. This is the most resonant bass I've held in my hands. Sounds and feels amazing even unplugged. Killer Jazz tone, amazing fit and finish, powerful, quiet on-board pre, and a nice fat B-string. A fantastic bass, period, never mind for the money.
I bought this new to see how I liked a 5 string before investing in a boutique 5-er, and it's been my main axe for the last nine months. Thanks to this bass, I'm a happy convert to 5 strings and now have a 5-string Dingwall coming my way. That means I need to sell some basses to restore the family coffers.
Weight: a very comfortable 9.8 pounds, by my digital kitchen scale.
This is one of the apparently preferred Indonesian ones, for those of you who're paying attention to the country of origin.
I have gigged this bass and used it at practice, and it has some of the usual evidence: some swirling on the pickguard, some fine scratches and rubs on the neck plate and back. I've tried to show this in the photos. None of it is visible from a few feet away, but if you get on your hands and knees and rotate it in the light, you'll see them.
Also, there is a funny little inch-long oval constellation of spherical dents on the lower corner next to the jack. I didn't notice these until I'd had it a few days. I finally figured out that they came from the packet of silica gel pellets it was packed with. Not visible from stage or practially anywhere unless you stand the bass on its headstock. They're almost pretty.
I just put on a fresh set of Ernie Ball Power Slinkies (50-70-85-135)
Looking for $425, with buyer paying shipping.
Not looking for trades, as this is being sold to pay for an incoming purchase.
PM me with questions.
Thanks for looking!