Hudson Modified G tuning 6-string Pedal Steel - $800

about 1 year ago
Hudson Modified G tuning 6-string Pedal Steel - $800
Dave Taylor
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Steel Guitar Forum
Utah, USA

I bought a Hudson E9 6-string, 2 pedals, 2 knee levers guitar to attempt to learn the pedal steel.
It really helped to the point that I felt ready for a full scale version.
So, I bought a Stage One ZumSteel Encore.
That left me with the Hudson, which I no longer needed.
I attempted to sell it on this forum, but, with no interest, I removed it.
I started thinking that here I had an extra pedal steel, and that I could probably repurpose it so that it could be more useful.
I had the idea that the guitar could perhaps be modified to a different tuning so it would not be just a scaled down E9 guitar.
I also have a dobro resonator, and a 6 string G tuned lap steel, both from Jackson Steel Guitars.
Each of these instruments has a string pulling mechanism (developed by the Jacksons) to change the I chord to a IV chord
the same as the A and B pedals on the E9 Steel.
I called Jimmy Hudson and discussed the possibility of modifying the pedals and knee levers on the 6-string Hudson to a standard GBDGBD dobro tuning, with the pedals and levers changing the chords to the corresponding chords on the E9 Steel.
That we did (see the chart below).
Now, without the pedals and levers it can be played as a 6 string dobro with the flexibility of having the other chords readily available.
I also requested that, in case this didnt work out, he allow the possibility of changing the guitar back to the E9 tuning.
He replaced the welded cranks with adjustable ones with set screws.
I also had Jimmy extend the legs by 1 inch for more leg room.
I also installed a new pickup with volume and tone controls, and made some new pedal pull rods.
I made about a 15 minute video explaining what I did, and how the instrument works, and also attempted a couple of songs to demonstrate the workings of the new tuning.
I will sent a link to that video on request.
The instrument works great, and has very nice tone.
As it turns out, I just have too much stuff, and I need some room.
The instrument comes with a hard case.
I am asking $800 plus shipping.