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2016 Rittenberry Prestige Sd10 with 4&6 basic emmons set up with franklin change on pedal 4. Approx 2 months old. Only trade I'm interested in is a Mullen D10 G2, preferably black. + or - $ $3900 _________________68 D10 Emmons, Rittenberry Prestige
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Various Parts and Pieces (Emmons Double Ten) I thought I would break this topic up into smaller posts with separate images. I would really like to find someone that is willing to take the whole lot and part it out as you see fit. This is the Emmons Double Ten. It has 8 pedals. As you can see, it has been "repaired". I know nothing abou...
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rare stunning Emmons LL II SKH 8+8 $5500 more info at
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Sierra Artist D10 with Sierra Roller Case ... Hello, the Uncle Scam got me this year so I need to move my Sierra Artist D10 with original padded rolled case. Asking $2050, including shipping to continental US. Recently serviced by Bob Simmons of Simmons Pedal Steel Guitars near Birmingham. Killer lightweight ax. It sounds great, plays great,...
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Emmons Legrand 600 Power Amp Very rare solid state power amp made by RH Butler in partnership with Ron Lashley of Emmons. 300 watts with custom designed speaker. The good: great sounding solid state amp designed specifically for steel. Very versatile.
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Alesis Nanoverb 18 Bit Digital Multi Effec... Alesis Nanoverb 18 bit digital stereo multi effects processor and 1U rack shelf. This unit takes up 1/3 of the shelf, leaving room for two more Alesis units (or perhaps a Steel Guitar Black Box). Includes the original power supply and manual. Price is $95.00 shipped to...
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Tascam Portastudio 4-Track Cassette Deck/S... Tascam analog 4-track cassette tape deck in like new condition. Included is the original manual, power adapter and a stand I made from PVC. Not very many hours on this unit at all. Can be used as an 8-channel studio mixer and for playing along with cassette tapes to learn licks and runs. There is...
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Black Derby SD-10 3x5 Black Derby Sd-10 for sale 3x5. It looks completely brand new. I am just not playing it enough to justify keeping it. I bought it 2 years ago, just about the same time I fell in love with C6.It has been living under my bed ever since. Homemade lift kit works well for taller players but can easil...
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1982 Emmons D-10 9x6 Here is serial #6532 D-10 Emmons original with 9x6. Set up by Clem Schmitz and formally owned by Mike Johson (feel free to contact Clem if you have any questions). It has Mike's E9 setup (E raises on lkl; lkr raise 1 a whole step and 2 a half plus lowers G# to F#; rkl lowers your Es; rkr lowers...
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lot of 5 volume pedals $500 I am selling this as a lot, never used them, so some may or may not need some TLC...$500 for all 5, and shipping to CONUS included... 1. Sho ~Bud vintage pedal 2. 2 Emmons pin pedals 3 Goodrich CD2A (no pot) 4.Goodrich 120
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67-68 Emmons S-10 $2300 I believe this guitar was converted to Emmons E9 from C6. A nice little bonus is that it comes with 12 extra original bell cranks. Pedals 2, 3, and 4 are standard Emmons 5 lowers string 2, and 6 lowers the E's.RKR Lowers E's as well and RKL raises 7. The rods on the undercarriage don't look as li...
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Bo Bro $75 Like new Bo Bro, never used, $75 plus actual shipping charges USPO. _________________Billy Knowles STEEL GUITAR EAST Emmons authorized dealer and approved service technician my web site:
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Fessenden SD-12 I'm helping a buddy out with this here in Portland. It was a Universal at one time. He got ahold of it with a bunch of parts missing & some modifications. I put it back to working order as an Extended E9, although with some additional parts it could become a Uni again. He wants to get $1800 for i...
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1970 Emmons d-10 push/pull Im now offering for sale, my 1970 Emmons d-10 push/pull. It is all original in excellent condition. The only marks on it are some blemishes on the fingerboards but, they are original boards in otherwise very good condition, The guitar is a "decal" Emmons, and has no patent number stamped on ...
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Emmons Volume Pedal Fixed pin,Excellent cond.Works just like a volume pedal should.I just have ended up with too much stuff.Good pot.Has the mounting hardware for pedal bar.$100.00 shipped lower 48. _________________Emmons/Lashley Legrande II SD10 ,Fender Amer.Std.Tele w/Parsons B Bender,Fender Amer.Std.T...
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64 Emmons wrap around red belly I'm selling my 64 Emmons wrap. It is everything it should be. Rebuilt and recovered by Mike Cass. I have the original mica and case. 8 pedals 6 Levers #1164013 $10,000 I can bring it to the Dallas show. _________________Bob
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Welded frame MCI Welded frame MCI D-10 8X6. Emmons set up. Deep red mica, metal necks, closed headstock, B&W fretboards, E-66 pickups, One piece top. I did a major cleaning and total re-build, including taking off and cleaning both changers. It wa dirty but with almost no wear. Has new replacement OEM cas...
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Emmons volume pedal $75 cleaning house. Emmons volume pedal needs new pot. 75 plus shipping
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Emmons D-10, 8&7 Mid 70's D-10 PP, 8&7, excellent condition, total Mike Cass rebuild underneath, with all of Mike's latest push pull innovations, such as the RKL raising 1&2, lowering 6, with a perfect half stop on the RKR 2nd string lower, plus lowering 9. All knee levers have short travel with positive stops. T...
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Emmons Vol Pedal $80 Shipped Emmons Volume Pedal. Works as it should. $80. Thank you, Jason _________________Ralph. Mooney.
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Msa Sd-10 3+5. $1250 Here is a solid MSA Classic SD 10, 3 pedals, 5 knee levers Emmons setup. Began life as a D- 10, bus was changed to an SD 10 at some point. This is a solid steel that sounds and plays good! _________________Gary Hart
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Emmons Original Lacquer Wood Neck Bolt-on Ser # 1449S S-10 Emmons Original Push Pull. Wood neck,Bolt-on changer, Highly figured birdseye maple body. Complete restoration and poly refin of the gorgeous cabinet. 3x4 Emmons set-up with parts for a 4th pedal. Orig Thomas HSC (not suitcase). Plays and sounds great. Offers starting at $3400...
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'76 Emmons PP As far as I can determine by the serial number, this is a 1976 model. 8 & 5, Emmons set up. E's on the left, up lowers B's. RKL raises 1st whole, and 2ond 1/2. RKR lowers 2 & 9. This is a great playing, and sounding Guitar. $ 3500.00 shipped to lower 48. Comes with case, Emmons VP, D2F cover, and...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
EKO Mia Parlor Eq. Natural $522.00 - 4 hours ago
2016 Rittenberry Prestige $3,900.00 Emmons 7 hours ago
Various Parts and Pieces (Emmons Double Ten) $2,010.00 Emmons 8 hours ago
rare stunning Emmons LL II SKH 8+8 $5500 - Emmons 9 hours ago
Sierra Artist D10 with Sierra Roller Case recently serviced $2,050.00 Emmons 12 hours ago
Emmons Legrand 600 Power Amp $100.00 Emmons 12 hours ago
Alesis Nanoverb 18 Bit Digital Multi Effects Processor $95.00 Emmons 13 hours ago
Tascam Portastudio 4-Track Cassette Deck/Stand $275.00 Emmons 13 hours ago
Black Derby SD-10 3x5 $2,500.00 Emmons 15 hours ago
1982 Emmons D-10 9x6 $3,150.00 Emmons 17 hours ago
lot of 5 volume pedals $500 $500.00 Emmons 2 days ago
67-68 Emmons S-10 $2300 $10.00 Emmons 2 days ago
Bo Bro $75 $75.00 Emmons 3 days ago
Fessenden SD-12 $1,800.00 Emmons 3 days ago
1970 Emmons d-10 push/pull $4,200.00 Emmons 4 days ago
Emmons Volume Pedal $100.00 Emmons 4 days ago
64 Emmons wrap around red belly - Emmons 4 days ago
Welded frame MCI $2,900.00 Emmons 5 days ago
Emmons volume pedal $75 $75.00 Emmons 5 days ago
Emmons D-10, 8&7 $3,600.00 Emmons 5 days ago
Emmons Vol Pedal $80 Shipped $80.00 Emmons 6 days ago
Msa Sd-10 3+5. $1250 - Emmons 7 days ago
Emmons Original Lacquer Wood Neck Bolt-on $3,400.00 Emmons 7 days ago
'76 Emmons PP $3,500.00 Emmons 8 days ago