1970 Emmons Black Fatback PP 8X7

11 months ago
1970 Emmons Black Fatback PP 8X7
Michael Bate
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This fatback push-pull #1479-D was rebuilt by the late Bryan Adams and previously owned by Tommy Detamore. I purchased the guitar from Tommy last January but now, unfortunately, Im obliged to sell it.
The gloss black mica and aluminum are in excellent condition. The guitar is currently set up with 8 pedals and 7 knee levers. An Excel file of the copedent is here: https://app.box.com/s/wz6fy34a11cv2lgoxnjn15jt4051au3u
This guitar has the wider "60's-style" pedal spacing. It is fitted with Emmons pickups (E9: 17.5 k, C6: 17.5 k) and also comes with a set of Wallace True Tone pickups (E9: 17.2 k, C6: 17.5 k).
There is the so-called "fake split" installed that allows you to lower the 6th string to a tunable half-tone when used in conjunction with the A pedal. This is a great change to have and it works very well, and does not impact the action of the A pedal whatsoever.
The knee levers have tilt adjusting screws, so you can really fine tune the lever positions to suit. There are physical stops on all the knee levers as there should be for a positive feel. The guitar also has Grover 210 series tuners that are very smooth and solid. There is an idler installed on the 3rd pedal raise to slightly shorten its travel.
The guitar also has lightweight aluminum legs and gauged roller nuts.
As Tommy has stated, this is a fantastic 'player's guitar.'" It is rock solid mechanically, and it sounds great and has better than average sustain, especially up high above the 12th fret. It plays very smoothly and positively.
A Thomas case in excellent condition is included. There is a D2F leg bag that is included as well.
The price of this guitar is $5000.00. I will pay for shipping.
PM or email me if you have any questions.

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