1989 Zum S10 4x4

12 months ago
Atom Schmitt
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville, TN

Looking to move this fine guitar on to its next owner. It's been my main touring guitar the last year or two, but I found something for sale I've been searching years to find, so alas I must part with my trusty Zum.
I got it as a 3x4 and added a Franklin pedal (Bruce sent me the parts, so it's all stock Zum hardware). The pickup was also replaced before I got it with a George L's PF1. Comes in the original case. I'll take more pictures of the undercarriage and such tonight, but I wanted to get this up here now. I'm looking for $3000.
The copedent is pretty straightforward. Emmons setup on pedals 1-3, Franklin on pedal 4 (lowers 5,6,&8 a whole step). Es raise and lower on the left knee, and then RKL raises 1 a whole step, 2 a half step, and 7 a whole step, while RKR lowers 2 a half/whole step and 9 a half step.
You'll get the quickest response from me if you email me directly at atom.schmitt@gmail.com
If you'd like to hear it in action here's a good video from the Opry last year:
And then a few more in the living room:
A couple pics:
(kitten sold separately)