2015 Justice (Judge) SD-10 4 & 5

over 3 years ago
2015 Justice (Judge) SD-10 4 & 5
Morton Kellas
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Chazy, NY, USA 12921

Beautiful and new as you can get.
I ordered this guitar the first week of February with a deposit and it just arrived two weeks ago, in the mean time I was able to purchase a guitar I had been trying to buy for some time.
This is a great playing and sounding instrument, set up standard Emmons with the common split tunings.
The first floor raises strings 1 & 2 and works very well next to your A pedal. I am selling it at a loss as I don't need and can't use two guitars.
It will also be shipped with a new D2F cover shown in the picture and which I purchased
prior to its arrival.
$3200 shipped in the Continental US in the same box it arrived in.
(NO Trades) Bank check or money order.
First come, first served.