79 Sho~Bud Super Pro D10 Black $2435

11 months ago
Alex Johnson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Texas, USA

I am selling my personal 79 Super Pro to make room for a new purchase. Its a great guitar and has served me well Im kind of sad to see it go. Price is firm $2435 S/I to the Lower 48
Cosmetically the guitar is in very good condition for its age but it is not mint. There are dings here and there but nothing too major. Most notable are bar dings between the necks. The aluminum looks good but is not as shiny as it once was, there are no deep scratches or gouges and the endplates could be easily polished. The case has a little tolex missing on the back and the leather strap on the inside is snapped.
Mechanically the guitar is working great. The set up is 8x4 Standard Emmons E9 (Es on left) on the far neck w/ RKL F#+1, D#+1/2 & #6 G#-1. RKR is D#-1 & D-1/2. RKR also raises #4A on the back C6 neck +1/2 or +1 depending on how you prefer to fine tune it. The pickups are original and sound great. LKL and RKR have flags added. It has been recently Strung / Set up and is more than ready to take on a gig.
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