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about 1 year ago
Tom Sosbe
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cleaned my closet. stuff i no longer need.
Stepping Stone tab and tapes.
This one's gonna hurt you
Gone as a girl can get
Don't rock the juke box
The city put the country back in me
No future in the past
I wasn't fooling around
That's where my baby feels at home
I don't even know your name
Three words two hearts one night
Old enough to know better
Too much
learn intros and turn around the way they were on the records. these all have tracks.
these do not have tracks.
When'd you stop loving me?
Blame it on your heart
always on my mind
Danny boy
Jeff newman
Steel guitar rag (C6 on E9)
Cotton eyed joe (speed pickin)
Music to get C6th by
The preacker
B. Bowman hop
The shadow of you smile
Hold it
Girl from ipanema
NO tracks
Buddy Emmons
Oklahoma stomp
(e9) No tracks
Intros & trunarounds (E9) has tracks
Blues to use (C6) has tracks
NOTE ALL TRACKS ARE CASSETTE TAPES. they have been checked and do work.
Bobbe Seymour vhs tapes
How to learn
3 pedal,2 knee lever instruction
Secret,s #1
Instant C6th # 1 and #2
Joe Wright vhs
Rock & Roll #1
Paul Franklin
Speed picking (C6th part#1)
e1008 speed picking (E9th) BOTH talk tapes cassette
I will be putting in a few extras as I clean.
secret stuff. LOL
$170 for all including shipping
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