Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10

over 3 years ago
Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10
Chris Grigsby
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in CONUS. Paypal is additional 3%.

Hi everyone, I am looking to sell this incredible Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10 that I bought from the esteemed Billy Knowles in January 2015.
Billy has worked his magic on this guitar a few different times over the years and it is in phenomenal condition as a result.
Billy did a complete setup on it in January right before he sent it to me.
You would be hard pressed to find a scratch on it without really looking it over...even the mica inside the key head is super clean.
As for the guitar's history, I'm told it was built in the early 90's in the "Jack Strayhorn" era, and the previous owner is fellow forumite, Butch Dixon, who recently traded it back to Billy for some 6-string guitars he needed for his upcoming tour.
The guitar has four pedals and five knees, and is set up with a standard Emmons copedant.
It has the 14-hole bell cranks.
The color is derby red and the black case has some minor wear from use, but is 100% functional.
It includes a newer D2F leg bag.
Guitar will be packed and shipped with all of the same materials that Billy used to send it to me.
Asking $3200 including shipping to your location in CONUS.
Paypal is additional 3%.
_________________Emmons Legrande II SD10, Hilton Volume Pedal, Milkman 40w Pedal Steel Mini, Walker Seat...and a whole lot of learning to do!!!