Emmons Legrand 3 Straymorn SD10 . SKH D10 and 67 D10 Bolt On

4 months ago
Michael J Thomas
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

Have 3 pedal steels for sale.
Emmons Legrande III
Strayhorn era 3 and 4 with the 108 emmons pickup Emmons Setup
Asking $3200
Emmons SKH D10 8 and 5
Emmons setup (vertical only lowers 5 a whole tone)
asking $3400
Emmons 67 Bolt On 8 and 4. as it came from the factory. Emmons pedals and knees
RKL lowers 2 and RKR raises 1 and lowers 6.
This guitar was bought new in 68 and came from the factory as it is, as original as it can get
also has dual coil pickups.
asking $5400