Evans FET500 LV $500.00

over 2 years ago
Evans FET500 LV $500.00
Bob Poole
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Steel Guitar Forum
Myrtle Beach SC, USA

Evans FET 500 LV w/ JBL E140-8 (GATOR CASE IS NOT
INCLUDED) Sounds great & Cabinet is in very good condition.$500.00.i"m not much of a photographer & the phone camera is not great ..I'm not playing out that much right now & my Nashville 112 does what I need it to do.I'm having a bit more difficulty these days,with lifting.I can put it on a hand truck but still have to get it into the car and up some stairs most places so it pretty much has been a "music room amp" since I got it last February.I can't justify keeping it & it would be nice for someone to get it & put it to use.Shipping/delivery is something we'd have to work out.
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