Peavey Studio Pro Amplifier

12 months ago
Darvin Willhoite
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Liberty Hill, Tx. USA

I used this amp for testing guitars for several years, but went to a smaller Rage amp that doesn't take up quite as much room. The amp works, including the reverb, and it has an XLR out for recording or going into a sound system. I put a new Eminence Alpha 10" speaker in it when I got it and it still sounds good. This is an older amp and we all know that older is better . The output is 20 watts RMS into 8 ohms. The price is $75.00 plus shipping which will probably be $20-$25 in the lower 48. I will take Paypal and absorb the fee.
_________________Darvin Willhoite
'73 Emmons P/P, MSA Millennium, Legend, and Studio Pro as well as several older MSAs, and a bunch of amps, new and old.