Quilter Steelaire amp with control module $999 plus shipping

about 3 years ago
Quilter Steelaire amp with control module $999 plus shipping
K Maul
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Steel Guitar Forum
Round Lake,NY usa

This Quilter
Steelaire is bright and clean, has great chime and headroom and is utlra-light at 35 pounds. It's not only the hottest pedal steel guitar amp these days, but it is also a killer guitar amp. Simply KILLER! This amp has very little playing time on it. It comes with a high quality Quilter ballistic nylon cover and is being sold with an optional 6-way Quilter Controller.
The Steelaire Combo sells new for $1,399.99 and the controller for $149 = $1,548.99 total. Buy for $999.00 Buyer pays $50 shipping.
I will sell controller separately for $125, amp separately for $950.00 plus shipping.PayPal "money to friends" makes it an easy deal.
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