#### Sho Bud , Lloyd Green Model ####

about 1 year ago
#### Sho Bud ,  Lloyd Green Model ####
Mark Shuda
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Wisconsin, USA

[b] For your consideration $2175 shipped free cusa
I'm selling one of my Sho-Bud Lloyd Green Model pedal steel guitars. This guitar has an standard emmons set up, equiped with three pedals and
four knee levers. It is in very good condition with some light patina. All original with exception being it now has a George L pickup.
It shows very well!
The guitar still has the green lacquer hue that frequently turns to brown or amber in barroom environments. This guitar was gigged back in the day and the ohsc shows wear, but is fully functional.
This is the pedal steel that sets the baseline and comparison for all other steel guitars. While you may have heard others say it sounds "as good as" a Lloyd Green. This is the REAL DEAL, not a copy or 'tribute'.
If you have never owned or played one of these prized Sho-Bud's you should put it on your bucket list. It is classic Nashville, back when Nashville was Nashville, and steel guitars were the predominate instrument in intros, fills, and turnarounds and solos. It was the time before synthesizers. The time before Florida Georgia Line
and Pop Country.
Listed below is a biography on Mr. Green, his design of the LDG Sho Bud, and discography of some of his recordings.
Also listed below is a link to one of the most famous recordings of Mr. Green. I think it best expresses him as a musical stylist. Yes, he can play jazz, swing, pop or whatever, but this recording is Lloyd Green, his style and his instrument. My favorite song. period.
_________________Mark Twang