Sho-Bud S-10 5X4 $1500 + shipping

9 months ago
Greg Gefell
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Steel Guitar Forum
Farmington, NY

For sale is this unique Sho-Bud S-10 which started its life as a Maverick but was completely gutted and upgraded first by John Coop and then James Morehead. Some parts are Sho-Bud originals, others were built by John, James or bought from Features Gumby keyhead, raised fretboard, triple raise/double lower changer, adjustable return springs and brand new Grover rotomatic 102V tuners.
Keyhead area was filled with wood and then the body sprayed a tobacco sunburst to black finish. Tonealigner adjustable pole piece pickup is installed.
Pedals 0 and 5 are not assigned to any pulls currently.
Just add the rods and you'll be up and running.
Pedal 5 is also not attached to the pedal rack.
I will include it and the pedal rod separately and you can mount it wherever you like.
It was intended to go on the right next to your volume pedal and be mainly used by the right foot as a stunt pedal - might a good spot to add that Mooney change you've always wanted!
Split screws have been installed on 5 of the strings. The spacing and left/right position of each pedal is adjustable via (re)movable spacers.
The pedal rack was lost in transit so I had to make one.
It is unpolished aluminum but a fully functional wingnut through the legs attachment type design.
Two of the four knee levers also have not been polished. The leg socket inserts were upgraded to accept standard 1/2-13 threaded legs.
Currently has basic Emmons ABC and E's on the left knees set-up.
RKL raises 1 and 7 a full step and RKR lowers 3 and 6 a half step to G instead of standard 2 and 9 to D and C#. With 2 spare pedals there's lots of room for experimenting here.
Some of the existing pulls will need to be timed better and return springs adjusted for maximum play ability.
LKR linkage could use an adjustment as it is a short throw now and a little stiff for my tastes.
Unfortunately in the aftermath of John's passing the case was lost before James took possession, so no case is available. With a little mechanical tune-up and some time on the buffing wheel you can have a nice little S-10 here!
Post,email or PM with any questions.

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