Stunning ShowPro 9 x 9 D-10 Back On The Market

about 1 year ago
Chris Bauer
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville, TN USA

I thought that ShowPro #28 was sold but it is again available.
This guitar was played minimally by me after I got it minimally used and it then Jeff Surratt went through it and updated parts. (The pics below show it with the ToneAligner pickups I had Jeff put on. The guitar now has the Alumitones back on it that it had when I got it.)
This guitar looks, plays, and sounds magnificent. If you look hard, there are a couple of tiny scratches on the top of the pedal bar that were too small to be able to photograph. There are also screw holes on the underside where Jeff moved parts to accommodate my tuning. (I'm guessing you won't be spending too much time staring at the underside of this guitar, though, so I suspect that's either a non-issue or mighty close to it...) Otherwise, this guitar is as-new at quite a savings over what it would cost to have one built for you.
9x9 with split cases. It is approximately one inch under standard height so a simple lift kit should bring it back to or above regular height if that's something you'd want to do. Unless you're especially tall, though, my guess is that you'll actually find it easier to play at the current height. The pedal rods were also shortened to accommodate the lowered guitar though so, depending on your size and build, you may want to either get rod extenders or new rods.
The floor pedals are standard Emmons with the Franklin pedal on pedal 4. Pedal 9 also raises the D to D# in addition to the standard C 6th changes on strings 7, 9, and 10.
E9th knees are:
Es -> F on LKL 1
Bs -> Bb on LKL 2
G# -> B and D -> E on LKV
F#s -> G/G# and Eb to E on LKR
Es -> Eb on RKL
Eb -> C/C# and D -> C on RKR
C6th knees are:
Cs -> C# on LKL
As -> Ab on LKV
High C -> C#, high E -> Eb, low E -> F & low C -> Eb on LKR
C -> B on RKL
Bs -> Bb on RKR
No trades on this one, I'm afraid. The sale is because of needing the cash more than the guitar.
$4500/OBO + actual shipping.