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SD 10 Emmons With 4&5 Nice Legrande 11 Newer model Emmons SD10 with 4&5 Legrande 11 Super nice with Emmons setup and loaded with pulls. Comes with a Wallace truetone or BL 705 pickup.Case and leg pouch looks like new. More pictures if someone is interested just pm or email me. $2800 plus shipping to the lower 48 states. Cashiers check...
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Dekley D10 8X5, $1700 & shipping Dekley D10 5 X 8 SN#102-0031 I bought this from another Forum member about five or six years back (I think), he said he was selling it for a widow, and his impression was that it had been kept in the house, and then not played for many years. I never got around to setting it u...
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FOR Sale S-10 Push Pull Emmons GS -$1700 Recent resto by California Steelsmith, brand new case courtesy of Jerry Roller, one of a kind, lacquer with Mica front apron, braided rope inlay, polished endplates, and raised bridge. Original 3+1 prior owner added a leg, not original but works. Very lightweight, about 26 pounds out of case....
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> > > > Zum D-10 Reduced This guitar is a 94. Not a house pet. But a very nice used guitar. George L E-66 E9. George L 10-1. C6th. 8 pedal 8 knee's. Sounds and plays like a dream. Two tone mica color. The top and back apron are Honey Birdseye. Sorry but I think of the name of Front apron at the moment. Basic Emmons...
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D10 68 Emmons 68 Push pull D10 8&5 emmons set up not too much playing time since Mike Cass magic. Spent most of the time in the case I bought this guitar from Vic Lawson awhile back, $4500 this pics are older but it is in the same condition except black rubber feet instead of whi...
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***Neunaber Wet Mono Reverb Pedal V4*** I have for sale a nearly new Mono Wet Reverb for sale I tried it twice in my music room. $160 Shipped _________________65'Emmons D-10 Bolt,66' Emmons D-10 Bolt, 73' Emmons Cut D-10, 81' Emmons D-10 SKH
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1996 Fulawka S-10 pedal steel, 3 pedals, 5... 1996 Fulawka S-10 pedal steel, 3 pedals, 5 levers. Emmons set up. It breaks my heart to sell this great guitar but I just don't have the time to play it. Ed Fulawka checked this guitar out in October and its up to spec. Fulawkas are arguably the best pedal steels in the world. They sound ...
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George L'S E66 Wide Mount Pickup I just removed this George L's E66 wide mount pickup from an Emmons guitar. It works as it should and in in very good cosmetic condition. It has a nice, long 18" lead. The short piece of green tubing is just loose on the ground wire and was used for insulation. $66.00 Shipped to ...
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Trade D-10 Fessenden for SD-10 Let's face it... I'm getting too old and fat to lug around a D-10 when nothing I do anymore calls for C6th. I need a good SD-10 with 4 pedals and 5 knees. If anyone has one and is looking for a nice D-10, here it is. Lets talk trade. This is a 1993 with 8 pedals & 5 knees. Emmons setup. ...
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parts These parts from a steel built by Billy Brady using a '65 ZB body and '66 MSA undercarriage according to a letter Bobbe sent to a former owner, I do have a copy of the letter. If anyone can use any or all of them make me an offer on what you can use. _________________Emmons LeGrande SKH 8X5,...
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Trade Emmons Lashley Legrande D10 for Legr... Anyone interested in a trade for a Lashley Legrande D10 for a Legrande II or III D10 or SD10 ? _________________Emmons Lashley Legrande II D10, Emmons Lashley Legrande D10, Emmons VP, Fender Steel King, Steelers Choice seats.
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Sho Bud D10 8x6 Emmons set up I am listing this for a friend who does not have intrenet. He is wanting to sell this guitar because of it's weight and has gone to a Derby SD10. I've tried to show the best detail that I can in the photos. There is a crack in the cabinet and I could not get it to show up well. See the second pho...
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1977 Fender Telecaster w/OHSC $2900 shipped All original guitar. This tele looks, plays, and sounds great. It has a just a few dings from being 38 years old, but is still in great condition. It definitely has that old school Fender bite and twang! Even the hard to find ash try is with it. I'd really like to keep 'er, however, gotta...
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Mullen G2 D10 - 8&7 - Red I'd like to sell my Mullen G2 D10. Has 8 pedals & 7 knee levers. Pedal 1 is the Franklin pedal. Pedals 2, 3, & 4 are Emmons A, B, & C. Pedal 4 is used for both necks. Purchased from a fellow forumite in 2010. It is in very good shape as you can see from the pics. I has a couple of string scra...
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2 more guitars for sale. Here are the other two. 1. Early MSA, updated to modern changer,crossrods,bellcranks L705 p/u. Hard case being made E9 Emmons set up. Faux carbon covering. Bargain at $1250.00 + shipping conus 2 Elite 10 P/P keyless. Emmons set up. Great guitar 3X4 w/ wheeled and padded cas...
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Emmons P/P 10 string 3x4 Early 80's Emmons Rosewood push pull, pedals are standard Emmons set up, left knees raise and lower the E's, RKL raises the 1st and lowers the 6th, RKR half to whole tone lower on 2nd. Guitar overall in good condition, Case in good condition. $2000 + shipping.
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* * * * Late 99 Black Bolt ON Zum Reduced... This guitar is not mint. But very nice for sure.Except for a few pin head and hairline scratches on the end plates. It would be mint. A rare Bolt ON changer. Not many of these built. I think Bruce said 6. Tonealigner pickups 8 pedals 8 knee's. Plays effortlessly and sounds wonderful. Not ma...
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Single Alumatone Pickup One Alumatone pickup in good condition with a mounting plate (Missing one of the four mounting screws). Includes plastic storage case. You'll need to splice on a longer lead. $60.00 shipped via USPS Priority (fully insured) to your door in the lower 48 states. PayPal, Cashier's c...
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2013 Mullen G2 SD-10 - Black I purchased this guitar 2 months ago, had it sent to Mullen before it came to me so they could add a few things, clean and lube it and change strings. Guitar is Emmons setup, standard height and has tunable splits, VKL extender and polished knee levers and pedals. This guitar looks and sounds...
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SD-10 Mullen This guitar was listed for sale on 8 Dec from Chocowinity NC, it drew much response but for some reason or another going back and forth it never got sold and I ended up buying it. I have an Emmons LeGrande II and had a trade deal going and my intent was to keep the Mullen for my main guitar but t...
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Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10 Hi everyone, I am looking to sell this incredible Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10 that I bought from the esteemed Billy Knowles in January 2015. Billy has worked his magic on this guitar a few different times over the years and it is in phenomenal condition as a result. Billy did a complete set...
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ShoBud Professional D10 8 X 3 ShoBud Professional D10 8 floor pedals, 3 knee levers. SN 1225. Best offer above $600 w/pedal, $500 w/o. + packing & shipping, CONUS only. I purchased this from the original owner in 1974. It went with me to every gig from 74 to the end of 85 but received minimal play time because we w...
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Wtt 1974 emmons pp for legrande 3 I am looking for a legrande 3 d/10' would consider lacquer or mica. If interested please send me an email and I will send photos...?Thanks jack
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
SD 10 Emmons With 4&5 Nice Legrande 11 $2,800.00 Emmons 7 days ago
Dekley D10 8X5, $1700 & shipping - Emmons 7 days ago
FOR Sale S-10 Push Pull Emmons GS -$1700 $1,700.00 Emmons 7 days ago
R. Taylor Style 1 2007 Alpine Spruce / Macassar Ebony Nea... $3,849.00 - 3 hours ago
> > > > Zum D-10 Reduced $3,700.00 Emmons 7 days ago
D10 68 Emmons $4,500.00 Emmons 8 days ago
***Neunaber Wet Mono Reverb Pedal V4*** $160.00 Emmons 8 days ago
1996 Fulawka S-10 pedal steel, 3 pedals, 5 levers. $3,350.00 Emmons 8 days ago
George L'S E66 Wide Mount Pickup $66.00 Emmons 9 days ago
Trade D-10 Fessenden for SD-10 $10.00 Emmons 10 days ago
parts $65.00 Emmons 10 days ago
Trade Emmons Lashley Legrande D10 for Legrande II or III $10.00 Emmons 12 days ago
Sho Bud D10 8x6 Emmons set up $1,750.00 Emmons 13 days ago
1977 Fender Telecaster w/OHSC $2900 shipped $2,900.00 Emmons 15 days ago
Mullen G2 D10 - 8&7 - Red $4,300.00 Emmons 15 days ago
2 more guitars for sale. $1,250.00 Emmons 17 days ago
Emmons P/P 10 string 3x4 $2,000.00 Emmons 17 days ago
* * * * Late 99 Black Bolt ON Zum Reduced * * * * $4,300.00 Emmons 18 days ago
Single Alumatone Pickup $60.00 Emmons 19 days ago
2013 Mullen G2 SD-10 - Black $3,400.00 Emmons 19 days ago
SD-10 Mullen $2,060.00 Emmons 20 days ago
Emmons Lashley Legrande II SD10 $3,200.00 Emmons 20 days ago
ShoBud Professional D10 8 X 3 $600.00 Emmons 21 days ago
Wtt 1974 emmons pp for legrande 3 $10.00 Emmons 22 days ago