1964 Epiphone "Al Caiola" custom Arch-top

about 1 year ago
1964  Epiphone "Al Caiola" custom  Arch-top
Lonnie Portwood
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Jacksonville, fl. USA

I've owned since 1978. Caiola's were made from 1963 to 70. The earlier ones were based on the Gibson 330 body (full hollow).In 65 or 66 they were re-styled, with no F-holes and complete new electronics. This is a Kalamazoo built gtr (Gibson bought Epi in 1957. Has been My go-to guitar and was used recently on our new CD (Open Range). This has Epi's famous
slim line neck, and plays like a dream. Frets, were recently professionaly recrowned/polished/dressed. This guitar represents the best of american craftsmanship, and durability. Played thru my Sho-bud "Christmas tree", with a D-130 JBL, You can almost hear bells ringing and Angels singing! Pictures tell the rest.
$4900 plus shipping. I would prefer not to ship, but if interested, we can discuss. Thanks for Looking
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