1966 Epiphone Ensign EA-14 2x10

over 2 years ago
Nick Koff
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Steel Guitar Forum
Los Angeles, California

"Mr. Tambourine Man" was recorded on an Ensign EA-14...
wish it was this one ... $800 + shipping PPG
This is a 2 OWNER AMP in excellent condition. 50 watts, Original 2- 10" speakers, reverb and tremolo sound fantastic. Original footswitch. It's been serviced in the last week (4/16/17). The tubes are all amazing; their current market value is about $500 alone. A few caps have been replaced. This amp has the 3 prong-cord.
As noted, the original speakers come with this amp, but they are shot and need reconing, and will be packed separately. The speakers IN the amp, and working great, are a pair of reconed, 1963 Fender Vibrolux speakers.
This amp truly is a poor man's vintage Vibrolux.
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