For Sale/Trade 1976 Fender Jazz

over 1 year ago
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Selling my very nice 1976 Fender Jazz.
This is an early 76 model so it has the larger font headstock lettering and the 3 bolt neck plate with the serial on the plate.
Bullet truss works perfectly.
This is a very cool bass that has seen very little use in it's 41 years.
I bought it off the 2nd owner who was a guitar player. He purchased it from his friend in 1981 and it sat in his closet (literally) and was played maybe 5 times in the last 35 years or so.
I bought it because it is such a cool bass but I don't play 4's at all so it has seen little playing time by me as well.
The neck is in incredible condition and looks almost new.
The tuners are still shiny and smooth.
There is one small imperfection in the varnish on the fret board at the 11th fret which I have photographed. The body is also fantastic shape.
It has some clear coat indents and scratchs but they are pretty minimal especially considering the bass's age.
I have taken a a couple photos of the neck pocket as well. There is a slight gap as in common in these 70's Fenders but it is not bad.
The photos show it accurately.
This bass is not 100% original but it's close.
The original owner put a badass ll bridge on shortly after purchasing it ( as people did in the 70's) and also swapped out the original knobs for Precision knobs.
The knobs in the photo are chinese jazz knobs.
The precision knobs will be included in the case.
The thumb rest is also not the original.
I do not have the original knobs, bridge or thumb rest and I also do not have the bridge or pickup cover as they were thrown out by the original owner in 1976.
When I bought the bass the original nut was cracked and the neck pickup was basically dead.
I had a bone nut installed and had the neck pickup rewound to vintage specs.
This work was all professionally done by the top techs in Toronto.
The original leads from the pickup are still being used.
The bone nut was split in half so it will not be included in the sale.
This bass has tons of character and absolutely slays todays Fender Jazz's. We A/B'd it the other day against one of the new American Pro J bass's and it was night and day.
This 76 is growly and zingy and much more alive.
Weight is right around 10lbs according to my old bathroom scale.
I am open to cash or trades.
As for trades I am ONLY interested in 5 strings.
I have zero interest in 4 string bass's.
I am open to trades plus cash coming my way or straight trades. I am not really looking to add money but that said if you have something interesting run it by me just in case.
Please only professional quality bass's.
No 2 for 1's for an upgraded Epiphone plus a Schecter please.
I also am looking for at least 18mm spacing and prefer 19mm.
I am selling for $2000 including shipping in North America.
Bass comes with the OHSC that is in very good condition and is perfectly functional.
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