Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird. Cheap!

almost 18 years ago
FS: Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird. Cheap!
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I've been playing this bass for a few years now, and while I think it oozes sex appeal, It's just not for me. The pickups sound great, the electronics are all clean and functioning properly. The action is low, and the neck is flat. It really is a fun bass to play. Currently strung with DR Lo-Riders. I treated the fretboard with leather dye, its ultra-black now.
The back of the neck has some finish issues. I wore the matte black off, so I repainted it, and it's wearing off again. Looks worse in pics than it is in real life. It's still smooth, and feels great. I added an extra strap button on the neck plate.
$150 shipped CONUS.