Powder coated bars - extending Halloween sale.....

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Powder coated bars - extending Halloween sale.....
Michael Hillman
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Please go to the end of this thread for the latest information regarding current sales or promotional pricing, thanks!!
We are pleased to offer a gloss red, gloss dark blue or gloss black powder coated bar in 7/8" x 3 3/8" size.
The concept behind powder coating a perfectly good steel is that it seems to be a bit "faster", is easier to hold on to, produces less string noise, and dampens the treble just slightly.
The Forum price per bar is $49.95, which includes Priority shipping to U.S. Zip Codes.
We will ship internationally, allowing a $6.00 per bar shipping credit against the actual shipping cost.
Depending on the hours of use, pressure exerted, and your string composition, these bars will show wear in time. However, the coating should not flake, chip or peel.
The powder coating firm that we use does not anticipate any problem, as careful preparation and firing are the key to the strongest, most durable finish that it is possible to achieve.
We offer the following warranty to the original purchaser: We will replace any bar that peels or chips, upon our post paid receipt of that bar.
We will also provide a money back guarantee if you return the bar to us for any reason within 14 days of purchase-we are players who favor powder coated bars, and do not see them offered to the steel guitar community at present. In short, we want you to be satisfied with our product, indeed, with the entire transaction. Once we determine the demand, we will consider producing other sizes.
The red bars are more of a candy apple, darker red, and the dark blue bars are a darker blue than the photo shows.
PayPal is preferred, but we will accept a check or money order.
The PayPal address is vmhillman66@gmail.com If you have any questions, please post here, send me a pm, or call me at (208)867-5062. Should you wish to pay by check or money order, email me for an address where you should mail - check the end of this thread for current sale pricing/special offers - Thanks!!
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